Reinventing Myself-Photography Redux

Updated: Sep 20, 2019

After a three plus year hiatus from photography (and pretty much everything else), it's time to reinvent myself once again. A long discussion with Chickaletta led me to the realization that I need to go back to my first true love; photography.

Chickaletta the chicken and Mark Samu
Chickaletta and Me

My first professional camera was a Toyo 45G. The 45 references the film size. Each piece of film was 4"x5", larger the my iPhone, which, to date, has 10,363 images in it. The Toyo weighed in at a hefty 6 pounds and all the gear, film holders, film and the case added another 25 pounds, which I lugged everywhere I went. The Gitzo tripod needed to hold the camera steady set me back a cool $850 and added another 5 pounds to the total. I won't go into too much detail about the actual photography, but I wish I had back all the hours I spent in pitch black bathrooms, loading and unloading film holders, while on location shoots.

Cameras, unlike humans (me), have gotten lighter, quicker, smoother, smaller, easier and perhaps, just plain better. The things I can do with my iPhone are simply unfathomable. Putting my Nikon DSLR, with a good lens, on my 30 year old Gitzo allows me to create images I never thought possible. It's an great time to be a photographer.

Thus my Redux. I am going back to the path I meandered down ten years ago; "Equine Portraits" (a specialty-now my Lu would've gotten the "Odd Couple" reference. Anyone, anyone?). Shooting horses and their partners gives me photo excitement I didn't know I had anymore so off I go.

I'll be sharing photos and blogging regularly about horses, photography, life and anything else that comes to mind. Feel free comment, seek advice (of any kind) or just say hi.

Stay colorful.

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