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 I’m a numbers guy. Heartrate, money, miles per gallon, how many miles I ride (and my place on any leaderboard) on my Peloton bike and so on.

1.81 trillion photos are taken worldwide every year.  That’s almost 5 billion a day!  How many of those were good (never mind great)? My guess is about 1000.  Just kidding but I’m betting not many. 

I’m here to help you take good and eventually, great photos.  It’s not hard to get to good and it’s a little more work and knowledge to get to great, but if you follow along here it will happen very quickly. I will start at the very basics of iPhone photography and work toward getting you to take photos that will make you proud. All without having to ask your kids or grandkids for help!


iPhone photography is all about using the camera and editing features on your iPhone to capture and create beautiful photos. There are a few basic principles to follow when taking photos with your iPhone. First, make sure to compose your shots thoughtfully. Consider the background, lighting, and angles of your photos. Pay attention to the framing, and focus on the subject you want to capture. Second, use the features of your iPhone camera to your advantage. You can change the exposure, focus, and flash settings, as well as use zoom and grid lines to help you frame the shot. Third, use editing apps to enhance the quality of your photos. These apps can help you adjust lighting, contrast, saturation, and other elements of the photo. Finally, take your time when taking photos. It can take a few shots to get the perfect shot, and youll be glad you took the time to get it right.